Bleacher Report

The guy next door. He comes around once a week.

I noticed when he stopped being dark and turned chocolate.

I also knew when he began to look like he had lost a lot of blood.

I knew his aim was to look fair and attractive.

But I never bothered asking him which lightening or brightening cream he was using.

It’s none of my business after-all.

Recently, his skin has been falling off.

Every-time he comes around, I am tempted to tell him but that will be ‘oversabi’.

The last time he came around, he looked really sick.

His face was swollen and he looked so ill.

Bros, you no well?” I asked.

“Yes o”

   “Wetin dey do you?”

“Doctor say na fungal infection. I dey go pharmacy tomorrow,” he explained.

Looking at his scaling face, I’m tempted to say something.

I think deeply about the ‘fungal infection’ but I feel bleaching might just be it.

I am yet to tell him what I feel but I hope he stumbles upon this (he is my friend on social media).

I hope everyone who is shy of showing their childhood pictures also get to see this.

Call it ‘lightening’, ‘brightening’, ‘clearing’ or ‘cleansing’, it’s time we get scared of bleaching.

This boy actually looks good being dark but maybe he feels inferior to light skin people.

Now, his skin has different patches of colours.

It’s scary how we destroy ourselves while trying to fit in.

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