Bad Energy (Stay Far Away)

Skepta and Wizkid recently dropped a fire tune titled “Energy (Stay Far Away)”. If you have listened to it yet, check it out on your favourite music stores.

Part of the hook as taken by Wizkid goes thus: “…Bad energy, stay far away. Make e stay far away. Just gimme love for the night…

If you can’t show empathy, can you at least shut up? How can you be so insensitive to another man’s plight.

If you can’t mourn with the aggrieved, don’t throw a bash in their home.

A couple loses their son and before one can say Jack, you rush to social media to arrogantly display your ignorance and wickedness.

Not showing empathy is fine. Going ahead to insinuate that a man who just lost his one-year old son in the most painful of ways has used his son for rituals is outright evil. Accusing a grieving mom of being negligent and being responsible for her son’s death is insanity.

You don’t even have the receipts. You don’t know what happened. You don’t understand the importance of staying discreet. You poo through your mouth just for clout. You want to be part of the conversation. You are wicked. Don’t be quick to attract curses.

“Why do they have a pool at home?”, “Where was the mother?”, “What was the father doing abroad?”. Can you spare a moment to listen to yourself? Why so much bad energy? Why can’t you stay faraway?

Is it not hard enough that a couple just lost a kid; the joy of their lives? Why are you so evil? Who made you Inspector Bediako in this matter?

You have so many questions? You want so many answers? Why not go ahead and use your detective skills to investigate the Plateau slaughters? Why not clampdown on Boko Haram with your wisdom?

Just keep your bad energy far away or better still, show love!

To all those who have lost loved ones recently, stay strong

Horse Thing

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