To Die Put?

I love you but you don’t feel same way towards me. I can’t change how I feel about you but I hope your feelings towards me improves.

We fight all day and night. We argue about every little issue and come to no reasonable conclusion. I’m getting tired of these nights but dawn seems so far away.

If I stay away, won’t I look back a few years now and label myself a coward? My friend says fight for love but would it still be love if I have to fight for it?

I want to hold on and save my heart. But won’t I break this egg if I hold it too tight? I doubt love has a winning formula, I sincerely want to hold on but that might make me look desperate.

On the other hand, I can choose to act the tough guy but I will definitely be messing with my heart. If I stay true to what the heart wants, I might become vulnerable. Maybe, she might begin to trample upon me when she finds out my weakness.

I don’t want to feel like the prey but I am also not a predator. I don’t want to hurt my heart but I also don’t want to seem susceptible to matters of the heart.

To die put abi make I let go?

Horse Thing


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