We Never Learn

Been here before!
Through your teenage years, you felt this.
Now an adult but you still do.
Why do you love those who throw you out?
Why do you keep knocking on those gates that never happen?
Why do you ignore those who reach out to you?
Why have you never visited the homes you often get invited to?

Why do we love life the hard way?
Why can’t we love ourselves enough?
Why do we spend our lives trying to love those who hate us?
Why do we leave love and chase hate?
When are we going to start loving solitude?
Are we ever going to be patient enough for the right ones?

Are we not the ones who choose bad leaders?
Actually, are we not the ones who grow up to become bad leaders?
When people we consider right come along, don’t we throw them out?
“Na English we go chop? He ain’t from the grass-root.”
Why do we play bad politics?
Why the unhealthy competition if we believe that love is all that matters.

For the paper-chase, we forget loved ones.
We then lose loved ones and we pen long heartwarming tributes.
Hearts full of regrets and we wish we were more available.
We are slaves to ourselves.
Balance is everything but we never find it.
Instead of leaving our mistakes behind we live with them.
We never learn. We just never learn.

Horse Thing

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