Musings of the boy next door

Window Shopping

“Bride price never complete so na window shopping we dey do for now”.

Well, nobody send fine boys like us but soon na dem go dey lush us. Hahahahaha, na dem go dey lush us.

How does it feel not to be loved? How does it feel to genuinely love and not get same in return? Don’t remind us about growing up with our kids. When you tell me I’m getting older, you make it sound unusual. Ain’t we all growing older.

Please do not tell me to get married no matter my economic situation. Don’t tell me marriage opens doors. Don’t give me that. Since Brother Peter marry, im neck don lean. Some people dey gossip am, some dey call am giraffe. The last time I saw him was after a Sunday Service and he was asking me for directions to an office where he had a job interview scheduled for the next day. I’m sure few months ago, someone had urged Brother Peter to go ahead with the big wedding after-all ‘marriage dey open doors’. That person wey wan kill Brother Peter with advice might have donated an hefty sum even.

Well, you can’t give what you don’t have. You need to sort self out to an extent before taking on more responsibilities. If you can’t afford the goods, window-shopping is allowed. Let that translate to something meaningful in your mind. No one asked you to go on a sampling spree. Dating right, courting right and all that works but what’s most paramount should be self-development. Shebi a well developed human being will attract great people.

Why person wey dey wear tear-tear socks go wan buy Zanotti? “Bride price never complete so na window shopping we dey do for now. Soon, dem go dey lush us”.

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