Anu gbaa nwata, ohu okporoko ijiji, o gbaba oso.

That one you look up to, that one you so much adore, that one you wish so hard to be like, that’s the person who might sting you so hard.

You made her your god but she is the devil’s world class agent. It’s another transfer window and your her new signing. When things are smooth, you run to her. When things go rough, you rush to her.

She is so quick to dish out sumptuous advice and without chewing, you swallow all of those. Now, you dey purge but no one to the rescue. The ones you adore might not have the answers. No one is perfect and the people you should run farthest away from are those who always have answers to every question.

Those who say “I’m humble” are the really proud ones. Those who don’t have their lives fixed want to fix yours. Really? They tell you when to get married, when to get pregnant, when to pull out, when to forgive your partner or not, what job is best for you.

It’s amazing how telling you all these is their job. I hope the person selling ‘How To Get Rich’ books to you has read those books. Don’t you just love how motivational speakers make money by telling you how to make money. “Don’t shoot the messenger,” they tell you.

Why do you breach your own contract just to impress your mentors. Is the pressure to prove a point putting your under undue pressure or have your mentors suddenly become your tormentors?

Will you ever live freely? If yes, when will you set yourself free?

Horse Thing

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