Men’s Default Setting

She is so gorgeous, intelligent and industrious. I guess it is only natural that she attracts a lot of attention. If she turns on her firewalls, scores of men will definitely still try to be with her; some for selfish reason and some with sincere intentions.

When she turns off her firewall, the men reach out in their hundreds. It is not common to see people throw stones at trees that bear no fruits. The more amazing she is, the more the men reach out. Sadly, more men will have unruly intentions than those who really want a healthy relationship. Some just want to shag and move on but are never straightforward about it. Now, the ladies are left with a choice; the sheep or the wolf?

Many end up choosing the wolves; some do that intentionally and others are just unfortunate to pick wolves in sheep clothings.

Those who choose wolves knowingly claim all sheep are boring and annoying to be with. They won’t mind some fun to spice up their lives. Sometimes the fun gets too intense and you all forget to end what has reached its expiry date. Maybe you don’t want to end it because you fear the unknown or simply because you care so much about what people would say. Some can’t leave because it is now a business partnership; either the guy or the babe is earning a living off the other. No one wants to lose their ‘jobs’ of course.

For those who mistook wolves for sheep, you just wonder why they remain in such relationships. Could it be the glitz and glamour that the wolves bring along?

I recently read that the default setting of all men is being scum. ‘All men are scum’ is a popular popping phrase on social media platforms especially Twitter. This narrative being pushed stems from the notion that a lot of men cheat on their lovers. Somehow, we tend to forget that the cheating men are aided by ladies who are also cheating on their lovers. We run around circles without addressing the real issues on ground. When you try to explain, trolls shut you up and accuse you of being sympathetic to infidelity.

Actually, if the default settings of all men is ‘being scum’, then all human beings are scum from birth. Now, how can we all stop being scum? Well, it takes personal discipline and for religious people, God’s grace to stay faithful in a relationship. Most importantly, one has to make a conscious effort to attain self-control and kill the spirit of covetousness. Irrespective of gender, everyone has to strive to do better. If you truly love yours, you won’t look elsewhere.

Young ladies and men are responsible for making ‘men are scum’ not just a buzzphrase but also attractive. Until we all start acting right, we remain online basket-mouths just trying to fetch a lot of water with a big basket.

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