Bukola Versus Bola

Two kids in the market square.
One minute, they are playing and running around naked.
The next minute, they want to tear each other apart.
They remind each other of their weaknesses.
Tueh, tueh!!! They even spit it into each other’s eyes.
The next day, they are seen playing together.

Soon, they will be back again.
Then they share secrets once more.
The day after they punch each other in the eyes.
Bukola goes out and calls Bola a bad person.
Bola tells the neighbours Bukola is mad.

But who do we believe? Maybe they are both bad people.
Or could it be because they are just kids?
Maybe they will grow up and become sensible adults.
For now, they can keep on tearing each other apart.
They continue abusing their parents.

Bukola says by 2019, I will be wise.
Bola says by 2013, I will be smart.
Life isn’t even assured but to B&B, all is sorted.
They own their lives and can always afford new batteries.
Bola is sure of 2023 and will fool around till then.

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