Right Under Your Navel

That’s where all your problems lie.
The filth, the lies, the insecurities.
The next day you wear pride like a cloak and hit the road.
You act like you have got no problems in the whole world.

You even mock the depressed ones.
Once, you even asked a suicidal person to go fxxk himself.
How better can one define selfish?
Why so evil? That’s a devilish act.

M’ana mmadu o ga bu ogbenye burukwa amosu?

You paddle your canoe and watch others drown.
You deserve a crown for your folly.
Soon you will meet your waterloo and sink like shit in the loo.
Or like a broken head in a pool.

You need a warm bath.
Right you navel, that’s where the hypocrisies lie.
You self-righteous one! From the front pew, you judge everyone else.
Now, bend slightly over and fxxk yourself or better still get choked by your stinky navel.

Even a dope navel piercing from Meme couldn’t save you.
The designers covered your misery but only for a while.
Once you undress, the wickedness right under your navel rears its ugly head again.
Till you remove that speck of sawdust in your eyes, you better take it easy with the plank in mine.

Horse Thing

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