Not Every Girl

“She was in Dubai just last week”. So what?
She went alone oh” Ehen, what’s the crime in that?

Answer my questions na!
Why have you suddenly gone mute?
Why do we love to celebrate poverty and hardship?
What makes you feel she can’t afford the good things of life?
Why do you feel she is too young to travel?
Why do you think she did it only with the support of a rich man?
Everytime she posts an exotic picture, you imagine a yahoo-boy or a politician with a protruding belly at the back of the camera.

You know what? You may be right.
But guess what, you may also be totally wrong.
And what if you are right? You only sin differently.

Lawyer Ikpeama, men and women sell their bodies daily.
That has always been and might always be.
But don’t you think it is wrong to jump into conclusions and put every girl in a box.
A lot of ladies work hard daily to earn a living.
Don’t you think such ladies deserve and can afford a vacation?
Even if they don’t have a job, maybe their families can afford to sponsor them on such trips.

When did it become a crime to live or act rich?
To each his own!

Can we focus on what matters more?
Can we focus on our own business?
Can we work on replacing our torn socks and boxer shorts?
Can we focus on becoming better people?
Can we work on feeding fine and saving up for our own families?
Can we stop being judges and just let people be?

What if she is a runs girl? What if your Dad sponsored that trip?
What can you even do about it?

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