Who Gave You My PIN?

Just look at you!
What mattered so much yesterday means nothing right now.
You really stole to buy a Blackberry?
You actually fornicated for a Bold 2?

What about the times you played Inspector Bediako?
Everytime you got PINGED!!!, you got so inquisitive.
“Who gave you my PIN?” you always asked.
When the message was being typed, you deleted him.
That shit felt like rapture.

Your DPs were thirst-traps.
Guys begged for your PIN.
You read messages and ignored.
Suddenly, a new Blackberry was out.
And you started responding to messages again.

You managed to squeeze out more cash from the rich horny chiefs.
You bought the latest Blackberry in town.
You never put it in your purse.
Everyone needed to see it. Your blessing became your curse.

You began to look down on everyone still on 2go.
You felt you were on a row.
‘On top of the world’ can’t perfectly describe how you felt.
Suddenly, a new Blackberry was out.
And you started strategizing how to buy the new model.

7 years later and everything has changed.
You actually feel quite stupid right now but you won’t admit.
Maybe that was because you were younger.
But your game plan hasn’t changed just yet.
The only difference is that you now deal with iPhones.
And now rather than ask “Who gave you my PIN?”, you just ignore the DMs.

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