By The Balls

Leave my testicles alone. Pulling is not fondling. If you must touch, handle with care. If you hold on too tight, the eggs may crack. This shouldn’t crack you up as it’s no joke.

The quest to take control broke your heart and tore your feelings apart. Why then do you want to own me? To own me, means you must first objectify me and that’s rude. Is love no longer about uniting to live better lives? When did love become a conquest?

Why fight the side-chick when you have become the side-chick and can simply move on? That control you crave badly might just kill you.

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If not, it never was” – (Richard Bach).

You really think you can fight for love without brewing hate and discord? Show love, don’t fight for it. Why are you losing sleep and scanning through that phone? Why do you crave heartbreaks so much?

Staying faithful is all about self-discipline and not about serial policing. Raise the walls of the fence and you are only limiting yourself. You are only building a prison of which you are also an inmate. Teach me but if I don’t listen, leave me to wander far away; maybe I get missing, hurt or I might be lucky to return.

If I come back safe, the gate might be shut. Feel free to lock me outside and if I scale the fence into your compound, charge me to court for trespassing.

Until then, leave my testicles alone!


Horse Thing

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