When You Go Bald

When that time comes, you will know.
Don’t fight it, just love it.
When the entire damn thing falls off, smile!
It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a new phase.
When you go bald, embrace it.

Get yourself a dope barber.
After every clean shave, check-in to the next bar.
As you guzzle cold beer, rub your bald head with your left hand.
No regrets, you are not bald elsewhere.
When you go bald, just embrace it.

You no longer have to bother about styles and partings.
What business does a bald person have with dye?
The receding hairline is proof that you need a clean cut.
Don’t fight it, own it.
When you go bald, it’s time to love yourself more.

Consider yourself lucky.
Now the sun can reflect on your skull.
Having your bath is more fun and you use less water.
Enjoy looking neater.
When you go bald, embrace it.

Horse Thing

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