I’m Sorry Bro

How far! If na Amaka you dey follow talk, help me hail am“.

This is not the first time I’m hurting you but this has evoked the most reaction from you. I never meant to be a nuisance. I just really wanted to extend my greetings to your girlfriend. Little did I know that even her boo has a boo.

Now, Chioma is mad at you and asking who Amaka is. Chioma is meant to be a side-bae just as Titi, Jessica and Philo are to you. Now, I doubt if Amaka is the main bae because Chioma is even more demanding of answers. She feels you are cheating on her but I think you are cheating with her.

You and Chioma are at loggerheads and you won’t just stop blaming me. I know I’m a loudmouth and I’m often mischievous but on that very night I walked into the room, I meant well.

“How far! If na Amaka you dey follow talk, help me hail am” was all I said while I watched you talk on the phone. My intentions were pure but maybe I should learn to mind my business more. Why do I keep breaking all of the bro codes?

I remember when your sister fell in love me and you quoted the bro code  which doesn’t permit a romantic relationship between one’s friend and his sister. Even if she is the one rushing me, you stay blaming me. Now, I’m beginning to feel something intense for her. I really want to tell you because I know if I don’t I will get caught. But how am I to tell you when you have still not forgiven me for potentially ruining your dickathons with Amaka?

A Bro shall not damage another Bro’s chances to score” is the Bro Code you always remind me of. Well, you are about to ruin my chance if you won’t just let I and your sister be and that’s selfish. Well, that will be breaking another Bro Code.

You know what? I’m done with these Bro Codes, get me my pink briefs.

Horse Thing

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