All The Cold Nights

Hair on fleek, overflowing DMs, too many cars parked in front of your house, missed calls till your phone goes off, you can’t even keep up with your mentions.

Here’s a weak man in his feelings and emotions. He stands no chance and he knows it but still tries. Weak man is a broke boy and he can’t compete with the Big Daddies but the poor boy shows the most care. Big Daddy pays the bills but poor boy pays the most attention. The one who pays the most attention is working his socks off but it all amounts to nothing.

Last time out, Poor Boy bought her Pringles but she mocked him. He only wants to mingle but stands no chance. Big Daddy and his wrinkle is the one on her matter. Chief is an all-weather man and he is always ready to sprinkle her flowers

Big chief is sucking her left tit. To big chief, every lady is a conquest. Big Chief offers everything life has to offer but to poor boy, life makes no meaning. Could it be that those who own nothing don’t deserve love and affection? Is he committing a crime by seeking the attention of the one who makes his head swell, go flaccid and then swell again?

Every cold night, the poor boy sprinkles his pillow with tears. His economic stature is his biggest fear. All those cold nights, Chief stayed up to tear down her walls. All Chief needs is ‘one for the road’ before the trip goes on. Love means nothing to Chief. Love has been auctioned and it has since been bought the highest bidder.

Now, Chief is high on sugar and the poor man is praying he dies of diabetes. Poor man fails to realize Big Daddies have access to the best of healthcare in the world.

Horse Thing

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