While We Slumbered

Last night I hopped on a bike.

The rider was moving too fast.

I made a plea. It was a simple one.

“Please, take it easy,” I requested.

Even though he had overcharged me, I wasn’t mad at him.

I guess it was because I felt something special about this young man.

He apologized for riding too fast and went on to explain that he was simply in a hurry because it was almost midnight.

According to him, OPC members have become fond of showing up once it’s 12:00 midnight to harass and extort okada riders in the community.

All these, he told me calmly. He explained how he once contemplated bribing some policemen in order to lock up some of the miscreants who perform atrocities in the guise of being OPC members.

I asked him to relax and he responded with a hum. He went on to explain that once he dropped me off, he will be going to another part of the city where he will be able to work till morning.

“When you tire, go sleep oh,” I advised him.

“Sleep? I just come out by 9 oh. I no dey work during the day. Na my brother dey use the bike work during the day. Me I dey use am for night”.

“Ah! una dey try,” I tried not to sound soft but couldn’t contain the fact that I was genuinely impressed.

“We go continue to manage until God bless us”.

I nodded in agreement with what I wasn’t sure was a prayer but definitely sounded like one.

“Na one second everything dey change,” I explained to him.

As I came down from the bike, I felt stupid for complaining all day about a few troubles at work.

Horse Thing

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