Eko? Na To Die Put!

Driver say im don tire. Im talk say if passengers complain again, im go drive slow.

Driver dey vex. Young man don dey para.

Passengers say driver no get respect or ordinary courtesy.

Passengers say driver na illiterate.

Driver dey ask passengers whether Lagos na America. Im say na people like the passengers dey frustrate people until dem turn robbers.

Driver wan make dem respect am because im dey hustle at least.

Passengers dey ask driver weda dem wey wake up by 4:30 no dey hustle too?

Driver say im don dey hustle since 5am. Bus no be im own but na 9k im load.

After im load 9k, agbero collect 4k.

If im mistakenly stop for illegal bus stop, LASTMA go collect 10k wey im no get.

Na this same Lagos wey dem dey plant flower inside pothole?

Lagos don full but more pipo dey enta on a daily.

Human beings wey dey Lagos for decades no wan comot. Dem no mind if d place favour dem or not.

No be dis same Lagos wey one man dey dictate who go be Guvnor since 1999?

Big man area like Lekki dey smell badly and when small rain fall, all the roads be like River Niger.

Comot cap for every car wey you see for Lagos o; all of dem na auxiliary speed-boats o.

Lagos don full but pipo love the madness o. If dem travel comot for a likkle while, dem go begin miss the city.

Omo, we all dey abusive relationship with Lagos. Lagos dey cheat on us na we dey come back come beg.

Eko ugly but we wan die put!

Kee kwanu udi nzuzu bu ihe ahu?

Horse Thing

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