Direct Messengers

Now the Hellos and His are popping on our screens. But it all started when I slid into your DM like Hazard was celebrating a goal at Anfield.

You started out being a snob but now we chat about anything on the planet. In our inboxes, we are besties but we know this relationship exists only online.

Offline, we are mere strangers. We meet at various places and you act like you don’t even recognize me and act all snobbish. Even when I walk up to you and try to re-introduce myself,  you look at me with a smirk on your face and wave dismissively.

Offline is where we ought to live but life for you exists only online. Our gadgets are stealing our lives from us and we barely have time to settle down and spend time with real people.

We prefer virtual entities and love through our screens. We forget that when we scream, our phones stay silent. When we scream, the beaming backlights of our phones and tabs won’t come to our rescue. When we scream, only real humans around us can reach out.

Are we letting what should enhance our lives take over our lives?

Horse Thing

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