Musings of the boy next door

Oga Madam

Why feel guilty for a crime you never committed?
What’s wrong in loving you for who you truly are?
What if they are just envious of you?
Do you sometimes feel this is a generational curse?
Or you attribute it the part of the country which you come from?

What if you are just perfect and normal?
What if you are actually special?
What if they wish to be like you?
Don’t you think being hairy could be sexy too?
Soft thick hair on your legs and arms? Lovely!

Are you growing a little moustache?
Why get bothered about it?
It doesn’t matter if your doctor calls it hirsutism.
If they can’t proffer a solution, then you don’t have a problem.
Just live freely.

No one would love you if you don’t love you.
When someone calls you ‘Oga Madam’, don’t see it as an insult.
It just means you are a Queen and a subject is paying homage.
If you consider being hairy a problem, seek solutions.
But never let anyone make you feel less of a lady.

Cheer up and come grab a kiss, if you permit.
Even though we both have facial hair, I promise it won’t be awkward.
Just one good sloppy kiss.
I promise it won’t be awkward.

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