4 Ways To Stay Alive In Lagos Traffic

Simply put, moving around Lagos is chaotic and very hectic. Lagos is that ‘megacity’ which hides its face when the real megacities come through.

You stand a chance of seeing your friends who reside in other parts of Nigeria more often than those who reside in Lagos with you.

Just the thought of stepping out weakens your joints and burdens your heart.

However, some movements are extremely necessary.

When you need to go to work (for those lucky enough to have a job) or head out for an important visit, you are faced with the poor transportation network and traffic-gridlock which has seen been christened ‘go-slow’.

For example, VGC – Chevron; a route which should typically be a 5 – 10 minutes drive in any sane clime sometimes takes you about 90 minutes.

Well, we can all come to a conclusion that there are times you just must sit in traffic and remain patient. If you are lucky enough not to be behind the wheel those times, here are four ways you can stay productive:

1.) Finish That Book

Load your phone or tab with PDF and epub copies of your favourite books.

Whenever you find yourself in traffic, ignore the chaos and start reading. You will be surprised that you can start and finish a book before arriving at your destination.

If you prefer to read physical copies of those books in that condition, then go for that.

2.) Become A Podcast Junkie

There are now a wide range of podcast apps on both Android and iOS devices. Download any of those, subscribe to podcasts which you find interesting and stay educated.

That way, you make that journey less tedious while learning about diverse topics. You might want to try Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

3.) Write While Plugged In

Ever had to write a story while listening to your favourite music albums and playlists? It feels divine. In fact, it is a combination made in heaven among the host of angels. Those who wrote the Bible probably did so listening to good music.

One moment, you raise your head and you notice you just arrived at your destination. The entire ‘go-slow’ gone with the wind?

4.) Siesta Fiesta

Lagosians hardly have enough rest so they seize every other opportunity to drop their heads backward, open their mouths and sleep off.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, you might just want to doze off and pay a brief visit to the spirits.

Note that his only applies to those who are being driven around in private cars.

If you are using a ride-hailing service like Uber, it is advisable you set an alarm before you sleep off and on waking up, you find yourself in a forest.

If you are in a BRT bus, you can definitely doze off but be sure to stay conscious of your environment.

If you choose to sleep in a danfo, you do so at your own risk.



Are there other ways one can stay productive while in Lagos traffic? Please share with us in the comment section?

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