Why so scared?
Bothered about the future that you forget to enjoy the present?
Blame me for not owning up to responsibilities but in reality you are scared of responsibilities.
Multiple parties for the same day and you want to attend all. You end up not enjoying anyone.
You won’t tell me YES but you don’t want to tell me NO because you enjoy my company. Meanwhile you are begging for the attention of the person you told YES.
You stay dodging responsibilities but you forget that to join PDP, you have to decamp from APC.

You want to get married this December? But you don’t want to date anyone.
I hope you are not planning to repeat what Nkoli did.
You can’t lie to me about not dating anyone and few weeks later, you are sending me a wedding invitation.
Well, I will come through and eat my fill. I will drink to stupor.
Keep the souvenirs as I won’t be bringing any gifts.

After the marriage, concentrate on being a Mrs.
I won’t condone those late messages on Whatsapp.
If you are going through a tough time, see a counsellor or better still, file for a divorce.
Don’t ask me to pray for you, I have been doing so since you broke my heart.
Details of my prayers are not your business though.
I don’t want to be drawn into your family business, I don’t want to be accused of breaking up your marriage.
Please stay far away.

When you bear kids, don’t invite me to their birthday parties.
Zaddy can’t be an ‘Uncle’ to your kids.
Please, stand far away.
Don’t try to mix blood and water.

Horse Thing

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