Generation G-E-N

No be every 6-pack wey you see come from gym or workout!

If you ever lived in a ‘yard’ where you all had to fetch water from those wells using pulleys, you may have well built abs and huge biceps.

Or are we to talk about those who walked hundreds of metres while carrying a bucket of water on their head and interchanging the other between both hands. There is no way on earth such people shouldn’t boast of six packs right now. That was the real workout.

Then there were those who could play football for two hours everyday. Fit as fiddle best describes them.

These days, our youths are so lazy. Hunger and poverty induced laziness though!

Aside from joining #Fitfam, hitting the gym and starting diets they never stick to, there is only one other way they keep fit.

Thanks to the electricity situation in Nigeria, we still have some well built six-packs that didn’t cost much to gain. For those whose transformers have become mere artifacts, generator sets are their solace.

Every now and then, you are either starting the big generator or small generator. Because these generators are heavily used, the batteries are always bad.

Starting any of those without batteries means you need to have eaten well. When you get to where the generator is positioned, ensure you do the following:

i) Make sure you ‘stand fit’.

ii) Go a bit low like you are about to squat.

iii) Grab the generator rope.

iv) Try dancing swo while pulling the rope towards you.

v) Keep pulling the rope and dancing swo with it till the generator starts.

The small generator is usually for watching TV, using the fan and charging all your devices. Small generators are for minor ‘chillings’ and they consume a lot less fuel than the big generators do.

The big generators consume a lot of fuel and rarely come on except when absolutely necessary. The average family that manages to buy a big generator only uses that for heavy duty functions like pumping water (this is gradually replacing the pulleys), air-conditioning, ironing and similar heavy power consuming functions.

If you come from a lower middle class family, it is normal to hear stuff like “Go and switch it back to the small gen” or  “Go and switch it to the big gen”.

You will usually notice that the person who is responsible for turning on and switching generators in such homes usually has huge biceps and abdominal muscles a.k.a 6 packs. Such persons are often good dancers too.

Meanwhile, abs are overrated.

For the youngins and foreigners who do not know the Swo dance, watch the video below and thank me later.

Horse Thing

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