Adults Only

Such interesting life we live as adults.
It’s understandable how busy we are in the quest for survival (especially if you live in Nigeria).
Friends who live in the same city go years without seeing each other.
Everyone feels Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat is more than enough for communication.
Some even attempt to ‘oppress’ their friends and foes with a false sense of success on social network.
‘I better pass my neighbour’ syndrome has moved from the tanks of small generator sets to our social media timelines.
“If we don’t give them, how will they take it” seems to be the new mantra.

We never make out time for each other but we write the most emotional tributes.
We act like vultures. We are most active and energetic when people die.
Could it be that we love to regret rather than show love?
Adults get into a relationship and abandon all their friends.
Same adults run back to their friends when their relationship or marriage falls apart/
Do we even understand the meaning of friendship?
Why won’t adults just learn how to be good friends from kids?

Our mistakes make us who we are but for how long are we going to keep making same mistakes?
The best gift for a friend is not a bouquet of flower by their graveside.
How much do we offer our friends while they live amongst us?
As Boogey once asked on a track, “why do we appreciate people only when they lay in coffins?”.
Everytime you seem too busy, ask yourself if you are immersed in is more important than family and loved ones?
But why do we appreciate people only when they lay in coffins?
Why do we prefer giving flowers to lost ones than those who live among us?

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