Once you come online, I go offline. But this is no coincidence!
You ain’t after me but I’m always running.
You are not the devil but I’m just trying to stay sane.
These days, I dey try to dey my lane.

On hectic days, the last thing I need is your craze.
Could it be that I’m actually the crazy one?
Well, these days I just want to run this race alone.
You are beginning to bore me by acting like you own me.

You scared all my friends away.
Even Mama wey born me can’t stay a day.
Ifunanya, is it not about time you change your ways?
When would you begin to pay more attention and show more care?

We are meant to be lovers but now, we are mere strangers.
Don’t you see the looming danger?
You can keep all that anger and lingering bitterness.
But are you too blind to see it is over?

Horse Thing

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