9 o’Clock

It’s 9:00 pm and your life is paused.
Actually, you need to go to bed right away.
Your parents need to watch the network news.
It’s so important to them because they need to know what’s going on in the federation.

When you are done grumbling, you will go to bed.
They have seized the remote already.
You walk up to your room and you sink into your bed.
You are still angry that you can no longer watch that epic movie on DBN.
The one on MBI is lit too.
You sink your face into your pillow.

Now, you are thirsty.
It’s just twenty minutes since NTA News commenced.
You have to walk through the sitting room to arrive at thee kitchen.
As you walk past, Daddy is snoring in bass and Mama is assisting in tenor.
Surprisingly, she is still holding tight to the remote control.

The newscaster is speaking to himself.
You choose to try your luck so you tiptoe towards the remote control.
As soon as you land in front of your Mom, she lands you a hot slap.
Holding your face, you walk back to your room.
Confused as to whether to cry or smile, you look back at her.
Her eyes are wide open now and she is staring at the TV intensely.
Meanwhile, your Dad is almost laughing out loud.

Horse Thing

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