Detty December!

You have had fun, maybe loads of it. All month, you have jumped from one concert into another. Most ended the morning after. You probably lost a valuable at one of those packed shows. You have spent the past few days with loved ones and you have spent so much. Detty December was lit, right?

Well, Detty December is still on but almost over. If caution is not exercised, January might be dirtier but not in the sense of ‘dirty December’. The Nigeria elections will only be a month away by January and there will definitely be a mix of uncertainties especially that of the economy. In our individual lives, a lot of uncertainties might become evident too; career decisions, business choices, love life and a lot more.

While we wrap up what has been dubbed a ‘Detty December’, can we at least spare a moment to tidy up our plans for the coming weeks and new year? Would it be possible to map out a plan; a very simple one at that? It is not enough to have a gigantic plan that you have no clue on how to implement.

For those who will be paying school fees, hope you December wasn’t so ‘dirty’ that you forget your responsibilities in January. For those who recently tied the knot, you may want to rethink your plans of moving into a massive apartment. Don’t fall into undue pressures piled on you by a society that doesn’t really care.

In actual sense, how ‘dirty’ was your December. Did  you hangout with loved ones or did you just send broadcast messages on Christmas day? Did you share gifts to your friends or did you just overfeed? Did you make mental notes of the aspects of your life which weren’t so good all year  or are you just on auto-pilot? Have you learnt to tidy up your life and be more impactful or you just want to remain stuck in filth?

Happy New Year guys!

Horse Thing

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