Acting Brand New!

Bring in a scissors, cutlass and  chainsaw too.
It’s a New Year after all and everyone claims to be cutting off some other people.
Suddenly all those who were part of your previous year are now beasts.
But we see all through your lies. Goodbyes to this, goodbyes to that!

You stay waxing philosophical but we sabi say na demo.
Everyone slept on December 31st and by January 1st, everyone be acting new.
According to Joey, “Bruh! Na just sleep you sleep!”
The 1st of January like every other day of the year houses 24 hours not 30 or 50.

If you really got plans, is it not better you move in silence?
Never noticed that your missions get jinxed when you talk about those too much?
No need to really act brand new, you don’t own a special 2019 license.
If there’s something really new about you, we will eventually notice.

Don’t drown while chasing clout.
These times are deep and elections are drawing nigh.
The seconds have begun ticking and before you say ‘Kukuruku’, January is over.
Before you blink your eyes, a lot has gone down.

If you don’t have huge plans for 2019, no need to feel clueless.
Execute the little ones you have with finesse.
You may end up achieving more than those with the ‘mighty’ and well-publicized plans which are at best bogus.
You know what they say about “slowly but surely”?

Time to swim in the river.
But of course you better move from shallow to deep.
Don’t drown while trying to impress by starting from the deep end.
You can change what didn’t work the previous year without even saying so.

Most importantly, shake off the pressure.
Fraudsters can’t keep making you feel less in 2019.
Appreciate the little you earn and be proud of your legit hustle.
No one leaves this life alive. Not even those who live in castles.

Horse Thing

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