I’m So Sorry!

What can a man do without friends and family?
Reminiscing about your failures often leaves you speechless.
How much appreciation have you shown to those who sacrificed all for you?
Realising that some of those who did so much for you left this earth without hearing a simple ‘Thank You’ leaves you broken.
For those that prayed so hard for you and stood firmly behind you when the world spat on you, are you still in touch with them?

Maybe out-of-sight means out-of-sight to you. Or could it be that you are simply ungrateful?
But maybe all is not lost, what if we pray more for loved ones we lost?
What if we cast our fears away and walk up to those we previously walked far away from.
Of course, a simple and genuine “I’m sorry” won’t clear up the months and years of neglect but it is definitely a good way to kick-start the healing process.

Get a pen and write down your wrongs, that’s the first step when you really want to right your wrongs.
Indeed, it is easy to get carried away but never forget those who helped you get up the last time you fell.
Drop the lies, you can never be too busy for those you truly love and appreciate.

Horse Thing

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