I’m in Lagos working. Leaving home daily before 6:00 am just to earn a living and getting back just before a new day. All you do is show me shege and complain about neglect. All I try to do is stand and avoid too many falls.
It’s not even 6:00am and I can see pupils waiting at the bus-stop, everyone trying to beat the morning rush. We probably all woke up by 4:00am. I see those kids already struggling and suffering at their age and then I’m scared that they may begin to consider that a normal life.
I look up to the dark sky and I beg God to help quench this fire before we bring our kids to this world. I don’t want them to see madness as a normal way of life. I hate complaining so I double my efforts but all you do is double your complaints.
Like the wall that goes nowhere during a fire outbreak, you sit still and nag about everything under the sun. You think I’m not loving and caring but you forget it is hard for any struggling young person in Lagos to be romantic.
I will offer as much time and care as I can but I won’t take my foot off the pedal. The more I try, the more life chokes me up cause I’m not even close.
I fear you are losing patience and you will leave my side soon, call it insecurities but it is what it is. I love it when you run your mouth because it makes me know how you truly feel.
Tonight, I won’t shy away from you call. Rain those curses on me and bath me with those unpleasant words. If you really want to dump me, it’s fine because I understand why.
Just remember, you and our future kids are the major reasons I do all I do. I know in sickness and health, for rich and for poorer is mere lip service these days.
Maybe if you leave, life will have less meaning and I may not need to stress as much.
If you dare leave, I will still dream about you my dear.

Horse Thing


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