I Don’t Care About You

Shift, don’t touch me. You stink, stay far from me.

Go meet your mum and the kid she’s breastfeeding.

Is that your twin? And you have 7 more siblings??

Where’s your slippers? Why do you look so tattered ??

Well that’s your business, I have got my own problems.

I don’t care about you. I have no money for you.

You think you have the biggest problems because you walk barefooted?

Stalking me under this sun asking me to find you food.

Very funny, I haven’t been paid since last June.

It’s January and my kids just resumed school.

Do you know how much for fees in Lagos? Well you can’t know, you don’t go to school.

You just walk around begging whoever is around.

And you think I’ll give you change?

Go and meet your Buhari for change.

Stop telling me God will bless me so I’ll settle you.

I know you are just 2 years old but that one concerns you.

Go and get your mom to stop opening her legs and take care of you.

Because I have my own problems, I don’t care about you.


Photo by Dynamic Wang on Unsplash

Chuck Norris


  1. Frustrating atimes, so it brings out the frustration in men, God help and heal us all

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