Oh! Sweet Medicine

Leave me alone.
Stop pouring water on me if my heart stops to beat.
At least, I go rest and stop to think.

But if you succeed in resurrecting me, wetin go change.
Which difference e go make?

I go still dey sell car wipers for street and run after cars selling water and drink.

You know where I dey stay? Anywhere night meet me.

You know how much I dey make? Less than 2000 Naira per week.

How I go survive? Why I no go try to thief?
But you come say make I no thief.

So I say make I smoke weed forget myself.
You still carry Police come harass me.

So I buy codeine. I buy 3 bottles and gulp am.
Before I drink, I say “sweet codeine, take my problems away”.
Make me forget even just for a day.
My eyes come dey close and my problems invisible.
I start to sleep, my soul starts to slip. I was at peace until you poured water on me.


Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Chuck Norris

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