Going Premium

Some say scarcity breeds demand, others say it breeds desire. Could that be the reason some people try to act so rare like they don’t take a dump?

But to initially get noticed, one probably needs to advertise, right? It is rare to see big corporate businesses launch huge advertising campaigns and suddenly go underground believing that being scarce will help raise demands for their products.

On the other hand, they are people who only go after purchasing very expensive stuff. For them, everything with a higher price or difficulty is more enticing. People don’t necessarily love easy stuff.

That’s probably why Mr. A will rather hurt Mrs. B who loves him so much but beg to be with Mrs. C who abuses him physically, mentally and emotionally.

That’s probably why Mrs. A doesn’t value Mr. B who gives her all the time, care and attention in the world but will cry and kiss the feet of a certain Mr. C who is rude, doesn’t give a damn about her, maltreats her and has all the attributes of a ‘fuckboy’.

That’s probably why Mr. A who has a submissive and beautiful wife at home goes about chasing every skrep with a pumpum. All the time spending more money on young girls than the woman he made marital vows to.

That’s probably why Mrs. A will leave her loving husband at home and become a mistress to young boys who can’t tell their left from their right, have just started growing hair on their penises and still carry combs in their pockets.

People believe whatever they pay for is superior to that which they got for free or a lesser price. That’s why people spend ridiculous sums buying even fake designers without knowing it. Those who manage to buy authentic designers sometimes end up looking like thrash even while wearing such expensive clothes, shoes, perfumes and bags.

Nothing better explains social media nudists and pornstars who have previously bared it all at no cost suddenly threatening and daring to ‘Go Premium’. To them, baring it all  at the first instance was a means to get noticed, build up followership and whatnot.

Now that they are at least ‘popping’ with good numbers to show for it, they believe the natural progression is commercialization of the art. They put out messages notifying followers that they are going ‘premium’ while advertising their phone and account numbers.

Many gullible people who have in the past gotten tired of eye-feasts on the body parts of these nudists begin to believe there is something special about this ‘premium edition’.

The customers rush to their banks, mobile apps, Eyowo and begin to make payments. The ‘premium’ service providers even share their transaction history after crossing out the names of the patrons and matrons. This is in a bid to prove that business is moving fine and also to encourage doubting thomases to also make their own payments.

Now, think of the business you do for a moment and begin to ponder on how you can ‘go premium’. Whatever that means to you!

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