Green Black Green

The white on Nigeria’s flag must be the biggest lie ever. What peace? That white should definitely be black. When you mix wickedness, greed, selfishness, corruption and deceit, the secondary color has to be black. That should sit at the heart of our national representation.

This morning na Danfo Driver be President. Driver seat na Aso Rock. Oga driver hang jacket, lock im door, hang seatbelt and face road. Na green and white dem paint the bus even but inside just black anyhow. Passenger wey dey right beside am wear her own seat belt like say she be church warden as the thing no get buckle.

Nobody ask driver question but im dey complain about the country and everything else. We don hear you Oga Saint Obi, oya face road.

Not long after, the skies turn off the lights, snores, coughs, sneezes, grunt and begins to spit at us. The skies seem pissed at oga driver and his passengers. This downpour is no joke. Passengers don dey soak, windows don dey close. Na just a matter of time before those wey rain never soak come soak with sweat. The bus dey leak for one side and the passenger wey dey near door don turn engineer wey dey try block out the rain.
Oga driver dey form unlooking. After all, im side no dey leak. This big headed man wey no fit fix im bus or show empathy to im passengers still dey complain about government.

The other sweating goats in the bus don’t seem to care. They don’t care if passenger turned engineer is dying. For them, if e no fit affect them directly then e no be problem. Dem no dey worried about the crazy or non-existent transport system for their ‘mega city’ abi na mega dump. Everybody just dey plan how dem wan buy their own car as if that na the ultimate solution.

I swear all of us deserve the people wey dey at the helm of affairs. We deserve this insane life. We sincerely deserve even worse.
This rain no wan stop sha! Oga engineer don dey squeeze water comot for rag intermittently. One of the citizens of this bus don summon small courage. Im don ask driver why im bus get k-leg like this and why im no wan fix the roof and door of im car. Oga driver don provoke, im dey shine eye like President wey thief money but wan intimidate judiciary.

‘What do you want me to do? Did I know rain will fall. Abeg no disturb me,’ oga driver dey para like say the last time wey rain fall no be the same thing happen.

This na the same man wey dey beg for passengers minutes ago like politician wey dey campaign. But im tone don change now. Na im hold steering now, driver seat don dey resemble Aso Rock to am now.

We are all selfish. We deserve everything wey we dey get. No dey complain only because e affect you. Selfish beings!

Horse Thing

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  1. Really, we deserve what we get. Those at the helm of affairs are representatives of the general populace.

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