Realizing that I once loved you seems like a nightmare now. How did I waste so much emotions on you?

Should I really be regretting loving someone if it was all genuine? Maybe I’m just bitter, lost and don’t know where to go next.

Since the relationship sinked, I have managed to float. How I achieved this remains a mystery to me. “Will you behave?” is the question and order I bark out to myself every time I’m close to losing it. Maybe I once was but I’m no longer stupid.

I offered you devotion, showered you love deeper than ocean but you still moved on to a man you once introduced to me as your uncle. Now, you are married to him and I wonder if this is a case of incest or you being a bloody liar.

I remember the day I first met your uncle turned husband, he shook my hand firmly and event told me to take good care of his niece. He even bought me peppered snails and Hollandia Yoghurt. I think you had barbecue fish and even asked for jara.

Now, you guys are happily married or at least your Instagram photos and lovey dovey captions suggest. I honestly don’t begrudge you guys at all but I won’t lie and say I’m not hurt.

One day I know I will be able to say “enwete lam nwa baby”. I hope that I will be able to show my nwa baby even more care than I showered on you. Hopefully I won’t be scared to make that extra effort I call ‘jara’ in trying to make her happy. I hope when next I fall in love again it will be forever.

I just hope you spend as much time with your grey-bearded hubby as you spend playing in my inbox. Consider this an official warning because next time you slide into my DM, I will grab your right leg, and spin you over my head like I’m waving my shirt at a Wizkid concert before throwing you out.

Horse Thing

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