On A Daily Basis

Justice delayed is justice denied but I hear you say destiny can never be denied. The 2019 elections in Nigeria have been postponed just hours before voters were set to begin casting their votes.

The country’s electoral commission chaired by Professor Mahmood Yakubu released a lengthy statement explaining why the election had to be postponed.

As Chairman of INEC, and on behalf of the Commission, we take full responsibility for what happened and we regret any inconvenience our decision might have caused. Thank you and God bless,” that’s how the statement ended.

Any inconvenience our decision might have caused? Really? Could it be that the elites in the country have lost touch with reality?

People travelled across the length and breadth of the country risking their lives to go cast their votes in the parts of the country where they registered. People postponed their events and meetings because of elections. Nigerians travelled back to the country from various parts of the world to come exercise their civic duty. The economy which has been obviously suffering as a result of uncertainties regarding elections will suffer even more. Just imagine experiencing all the madness and anxieties of the previous week all over again.

How is it even possible that what couldn’t be achieved in at least three years of planning will all be sorted out in the next six days? Well, they would just go on and get it done anyhow. No scapegoat will be made despite this embarrassing situation but this is what happens on a daily basis in Nigeria.

We move on very fast and find the fun in every situation. Just few hours after the elections were postponed, Nigerians on social media were already sharing jokes about how they would relocate to Canada ‘their new country’. Things are so bad that we beg our leaders for the most basic of amenities every four years. They make promises we have heard over and over again and then fail woefully. The next election cycle, they come to us with yards of wrappers, rice, groundnut oil, cash and whatnot. We hail them and rush to grab these tokens thrown at us.

A few weeks later, we begin to complain all over again and start praying for miracles that we have the powers to perform. Who watched the lack of remorse shown by the INEC leadership during the press conference with stakeholders?

Well, enjoy this brand new single from Elveektor titled ‘On A Daily Basis’ while we look forward to next week’s election.

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