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These days we just love to hangout but we never try to create lasting memories. Friends travel miles to hook-up with each other and when they finally do, they spend the entire time smiling at their phones and chatting away with acquaintances who are miles away. Some of those we chat with so intensely are people we will never meet. We rarely have great convos because we hardly value real stuff. What makes the most sense to us and entices us the most is the vacuum social media creates.

Since we prefer to spend time on our phones, it is now commonplace now for families to create Whatsapp groups. This is in a bid to form a united front and foster easy communication especially when everyone stays apart. It is however getting increasingly harder to keep up with our social media responsibilities and the reason is simple.

These days, creating a Whatsapp group seems to solve every problem on earth. If a couple are having issues bearing a child, they create a Whatsapp group where they can discuss and share files on how to make babies.

If your schoolmates want to create an avenue for communication, peddling of gossip and rumours, deliberating on developmental projects or sheer stalking of each other, they create a group on Whatsapp.

If the society you belong to in church wishes to reach you, share information or request outstanding dues, they create a Whatsapp group.

If a bunch of colleagues want to gossip about their boss or plan a coup, they create another Whatsapp group.

If celebrities want to launch scathing attacks on their colleagues, they create a group where they spin rumours and share their secrets.

Your NYSC CDS group definitely has a Whatsapp group too even though you don’t like half of the other members of the group.

Some of you even pay above minimum wage to join crazy naughty Whatsapp groups which are dubbed ‘For Mature Minds Only’. Whatsapp has become many things to many Nigerians; a marketplace, a pornhub, a rumour mill and a ‘fake-news’ hub to mention but a few.

How many Whatsapp groups do you currently belong to? How many of those are muted for at least a year?

For now, I’m off to create a new Wazup group which will be named ‘Time To Blow’.

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  1. If for anything, i hate WhatsApp group, i don’t like it, i’m forced to stay in some, i mute, and check once in a while incase there’s anything interesting

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