Old Customer

Never cheat on your barber. I don’t even know if that’s a guy code but I’m sure it a solid advice.

Y’all know that unwritten rule or sense of responsibility which makes you stick to a seller and grow into a trusted customer.

Great business owners never joke about their long-term customers. Your old customers might not be the biggest spenders but they are often the most loyal.

Those are the real patrons and matrons of your business. Those are the ones who bless your business with referrals. Those are the people who would let you know the truth about your business and where you need to improve.

No one jokes around with old customers. Those are the real diamonds and stars and you should definitely ensure you never hurt them. When your business is looking down, old customers can be your refuge.

A long-term customer is like a beautiful brides who helps turn your wounds into wisdom. When a business owners runs a loyalty-reward programme, it is expected that the old customers are taken into cognizance first.

What do you do when an old customer comes calling? You respond quickly and assist promptly.

After a number of years in the industry and a handful of tracks, Fiziedeen is taking the bull by the horn and isn’t letting go this time. His latest offering is titled ‘Old Customer’ and his long-time collaborator, Jonn Deux is responsible for producing this potential hit. Well-written and packed with some good punchlines and a catchy hook, Fizie shows off his writing prowess and vocal dexterity.

You guys run this business and it is time to reciprocate the patronage of an Old Customer with your love and support. Listen to ‘Old Customer’ below and don’t forget to share with others.

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