Okpa Di Oku!

Not sure if I woke up on the right or left side of the bed. I will just say I woke up right in the middle of my bed. I think I woke up craving okpa Nsukka.

You might not understand how powerful that craving is. You just don’t understand it. If you really understand how I feel, you will show immense pity for I and my cravings.

Of course, I can buy okpa where I reside now but the quality can’t be the same with that from the region of the rising sun. You would only understand how I truly feel if you have had well made okpa with a bottle of 7Up and about 7:00 am before heading out for the day’s activities.

You might wonder why I haven’t relocated back to where I can get all of these easily. I’m also wondering why you are still here. Most of us came from elsewhere not because this is the best place but simply because this place offers the most opportunities.

Yes, talent is evenly distributed across the country and even all around the world. However, opportunities are not evenly distributed.

Maybe if more people are afforded the opportunity to work remotely across the world, then people can really stay where they prefer to be.

That way, the pressure on overcrowded cities would be less severe. Unfortunately, not all jobs support a remote-work option. Nevertheless, big corporations and investment outfits can make more concerted and deliberate efforts to spread their wings across other towns and cities.

We all deserve to be where we really enjoy being. We all deserve a cold bottle of 7Up and well cooked tasty okpa whenever we crave that.

Do you currently live and work in your preferred state and city?

If YES, tell us the state where you live and work. If NO, tell us the state where you live and work and also where you would rather be.

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