Why Am I Trending?

So, I have been creating amazing stuff these past few years. But I haven’t been getting the sort of attention my work deserves. I play the waiting game but it seems the patient dog won’t be having or eating any bone this time.

It dawns on me that a legend recently tried to court controversy by issuing a fake apology to his wife so as to help promote a single he was featured on. If such a living legend can stoop so low, let’s all play in the mud then.

I reach out to those popular guys on Twitter who we refer to as influencers. I tell them I want to become a topic on Nigerian Twittersphere. I part with some cash and then I sit back to watch things unfold. In a few hours, various conversations about me commence in various Twitter cliques and before one can say Okeke Okoroafor, I’m number two trending topic in my topic.

I see people talking about my old songs, my debut album and how good it was, how my recent singles are supposed to be bangers but are so underrated. People wonder how I moved from A-List to upcoming in just a few years. A few articles are written about me and the conversation is looking all organic. I’m getting excited in my corner of the room as I hold firmly to my blunt; puff, exhale, puff and I watch things unfold. I keep refreshing my feed and I’m glad that things are panning out the way I want and planned it to be.

But now, it seems I can no longer contain my joy. Maybe my upcoming single which happens to be the reason for all this will be well-accepted. I’m too excited about the possibilities. Now, I grab my phone and I tweet “Why am I trending?”. Suddenly, what seemed all organic is now clearly perceived as sponsored or influenced.

Another silly moment from me, I guess. I have had many of those. Many many of those in the past and now that I want a more exciting future, I better quit being silly.

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