Team Fresh Meal

I recently walked into a grocery store and the conversation which welcomed me caught my attention immediately. Talk of contagious gist!

My ears stood at attention, as I walked around these three men while pretending to be checking out some goodies on display.

One was talking of how he had bought two stabilizers to power his fridge but both got burnt after a power surge.

Instead of two stabilizer, why you no buy one big one?,” the second man enquired.

While two of them were going back and forth on number of stabilizers and the economics of such decision, the third one proved to be the Einstein of their time.

Una still dey put food for fridge? E no dey healthy! If you get fridge now, you go dey tempted to dey drink cold water. You no go dey chop fresh food. Na every small thing you go dey put inside fridge; soup, stew, everything,” the third man explained.

I dropped an item and picked it up again. I was done here. I can hear poverty speaking or is he really just being conscious of his nutrition and health. Nigeria with its electricity problems has a way of making us nutritionists and doctors.

Well, the other guys had to concur with his opinion. “Na true, instead of you to dey cook fresh food, you go dey warm food everyday. I wan even sell my fridge sef. We no kukuma dey get light sef,” one of them stated in a tone of finality.


Do you cook every time you are hungry or do you store some in the refrigerator?



Photos by: 

Katka Pavlickova and Enrico Mantegazza on Unsplash


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