Man No Die, Man No Rotten

5:15 am and man don squat for bush. Man put cigarette for im mouth and man dey reason life. Man no get access to any basic amenities but man dey of the opinion say im dey gbadun life.

Even when shit hits the roof, man stays composed. For now, shit dey hit the ground one-by-one and man just dey reason life.

Im phone dey play Mayorkun song, Bobo. Man dey hum to “na money be fine bobo”. Man believe say right now im be monkey but man also dey certain say when money come im go soft like bread fresh from the bakery.

Man dey really like come reason life and discharge some waste early momo before the flies wake up. This na man normal routine for over a decade now. Man no dey bother listen to news because government no dey contribute anything to im life. News dey normally make am vex.

For aftunoon, man dey do any job wey im see. Man fit push truck, do conductor, do mason work, carry konkri, wash car, clean pesin house, name it! For days wey man no see anything to do, man dey pickpocket for bus stop.

For night, man dey stand watch TV for bus stop; all dem wrestling and music videos for where dem dey sell CDs. As im dey watch am, im dey usually chow roadside fries for dinner. As im dey chop, im dey scratch prick join. When im finish, im dey usually go lie down for under bridge.

Right now, man don rise from im squatting position. Man don pluck one big cocoa leaf with fresh dews on top. Man don pluck small stubborn grass too. Man come merge am, take am scrub off the rest of the waste from im yansh. Man don wear im trouser back.

Guess where man dey proceed to next! Omo, na bus stop and from there? Newspaper stand!


Photo by Erik Stine on Unsplash

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