Dem bundle me inside danfo.

Beat me black and blue, tell me say I must to roger them.

Dem use the back of gun dye my hair to darker red.

And when my parents hear, all dem talk na say na make I go cut my dreads.

But I no be thief, I no dey steal, I no be G-Boy, I just wan sing.

I just wan look the part as I dey follow my dream.

So, why my parents dey support these black-as?

Wey go see person with new hairstyle and tag am bagga.

Why dem leave police come dey face me with their anger?

When na police commit crime, na police be the thief.

Or dey just dey protect me from being another Kolade?

Nai make dem still dey give police change but na me dey wan change?

Go and cut your hair, better change your friends.

Better change your clothes because next time you are on your own.

I come dey wonder wetin I do wrong.

Or maybe dem still dey vex say I no get certificate?

Say I run comot for school say na music I wan chase?

But still, I no start to thief, I no dey steal, I just dey hustle, dey make my beats.

I just love to sing, dey try dey follow my dreams.

But it seems love is a crime in this place wey we dey live.

Na im make everyone with more than a dime dey find how to leave.

When a place makes your own parents blame you as the victim.

But forgets a million plus mouths dey wey use music feed.

A million plus barbers dey wey dreadlocks dey keep their shop open.

A million plus people wey na music be their dream.

But just because una no like the food, una say e no sweet.


Photo by Iz zy on Unsplash

Chuck Norris


  1. Na the reality of the society wey we dey live.
    Right from small different kinds of people get how them ‘look’.

    • Thanks Ogbonnia. How can we get ourselves out of these ‘realities’?

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