Surprise Party!

You planned it with your friends.
You came late for it.
And then, you acted like you never knew about it.
You raised both hands and used them to cover your mouth.
You paced around the room, ran to a part of it and brought out a handkerchief.
You pretended to be wiping tears thoroughly but your makeup remained intact.
All these while, your bestie was recording it on your Snapchat.
She showed you the stories and you chose the best ones.

It is good to feel loved.
But it must feel awkward to lie to one’s self.
Even when you got engaged, you acted shocked.
But you knew it was going to happen that day.
You had fixed your nails after an intense manicure and pedicure.
You had set the cameras and you had every detail figured out.
But you think it wouldn’t be complete if people don’t see it as a surprise.
Why do you enjoy lying to yourself?

You planned your birthday celebration with your friends.
You even helped to inflate balloons and decorate the ballroom.
You then rush back to your hotel room.
You wear the best makeup and the cutest shimmering dress.
Your trusted bestie records all of this.
You then return to the ballroom after everyone is seated.
They know you are coming but it’s a movie so everyone sticks to the script.
Cameras await you as you open the door.

Immediately you get in, everyone screams.
You run around acting excited.
You shed some fake tears.
They take turns to hug you and kiss you.
Some squeeze your breasts and buttocks playfully.
You all proceed to the dinner table and begin to enjoy your meal.
A little while after, you all clink champagne filled glasses against each other.
Soon, the Snapchat updates begin to fade away.
But you all still find time to take some photos for future use.
Now, you all begin to plan who amongst you is to have a ‘surprise party’ next.


Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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  1. This…is awesome and it’s so prevalent in our society what with this age of social media. Thank you very much for putting this down into words. and it’s funny too.

    • Thanks for reading Funmi. But why are people increasingly involved in self-deceit?

  2. Wow!!! I couldn’t help the giggles and intermittent chuckles…
    Nice one @1joblessBoy… That’s the freaking world we live in ATM

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