Two Sides Of A Coin

Words are not enough, act!
I’m tired of you writing me poems, kissing me in public, fucking me well, act!
Respecting my feelings and cuddling me.
I’m tired of all these romantic things, act!
Give me help when I need it, act!
Fight the Police when he hits me, act!
Pay my younger bros’ school fees, act!
Loving is nice but I need more than that.

I know that you love me, I know that it’s true.
The way that you touch me, it makes me feel good.
But when I’m sad, it’s not sorry I need.
Even though I know you mean it and it comes from your heart.
What I need is a trip to a remote island.
To relax my nerves and get over that.
But you are saying sorry and I still dey my house.
So pardon me if your sorry changes my vex to gear five.

I missed my interview because I ran out of cash.
I couldn’t get an Uber and I don’t have a car.
And you prayed for me when I called, you wanted me to pass.
But why the fuck don’t you have a car, are you not a man?

OK, I’m sorry, I don’t mean it like that.
Just thinking aloud, the pressure is killing, too much load on my back
So sometimes I’m thinking, “what’s the point of this thing?”
All this love and affection when you cannot help when I’m in need?
And I cannot help you when you need me.
Just talk and talk while the problems linger.
Does this mean I’m selfish and materialistic?
And I think money will dive in to save me no matter the problem sinking me?
Does this define me or is it something I have become?
How do I differentiate the real me, am I my real self when I’m rich or poor?
Cause I don’t think about these when I have money to burn.
The love and affection seem to be all I want.
But when the account is low, the anger seems to rise.
Maybe there’s nothing to differentiate, I’m just two sides of a coin.


Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

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