Puff, puff, pass!
Now, your eye is dim and red but you insist you are feeling so damn fine.
You stayed up this late to puff, puff, puff, and pass.
Let it be known that there’s no food in the fridge.
No cereals, no big or small chops, not even puff-puff.

Earlier in the day, you pretended to be sick.
You took a day off from work just to puff, puff, puff, and pass.
Another drag and now, you claim to have been crushing on me.
If you really mean it, put your left hand on your chest and make a pledge.

Now, I’m coughing and you stay laughing.
Chinny, I’m a novice and you are the expert.
Why remind me of the wild time you had with an expat?
When I asked, “From what country?”
“He is Lebanese but cute” was your response.

More of puffs than passes now and the smoke detectors cry out.
This is a non-smoking room and maybe we should have treaded more carefully.
Now, we have an explanation to make.
You say you need love to relieve pain.
But I know you are just high, hard and horny.

“If you love me, come show it, hun”
You stay blabbing but I’m just concerned about the smoke alarms.
“Come, take me home,” you say.
Chinny, you are just a crazy chimney.
Damn, why are you now trying to ‘quench’ the fire with Henny?

Horse Thing

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