The Day The Streets Turned Red

Who’s gonna bell the cat? Nobody answers.
It’s too late for that, we go kill the cat.
And his friends, anywhere we see them.
For road, for street, inside their office.
They are understaffed so it means we can overwhelm them.
They are underpaid so it means dem never chop.
Their legs go dey shake as hunger dey knack them.
With little effort, we will bring them down.
They barely have bullets, e no dey the federal budget.
So we have nothing to fear, we will get our pound of flesh.

This was not a meeting, nobody gathered to discuss this.
It was a synchronized feeling, somehow everyone understood it.
It was an airborne disease that spread anger and courage.
Young men stopped holding their lives, they wanted to lose it.
Women stopped holding their kids.
Fathers gave sons permission to kill.
Bring back their heads, behead the men in black.
Don’t come back here without two heads in your bag.

That was the day the streets turned red.
The rivers turned red, the earth core bled.
Heads rolled, people died, blood flowed, people cried.
And not one cop survived.

I heard it was a juju priest that caused this havoc.
Extrajudicial killing, police killed his first son.
Allegedly he was a G-Boy and maybe he was.
But is that why the cops killed him in front of his mom?
Just because he refused to give them a cut, they claimed he’s in a cult.
And the evidence was a red cloth in a clay pot that they found in his car but that was Dad’s protection.
So they executed the boy in front of his mom

As a result of the depression, she hung her self in less than than a month.

The pain the priest felt was beyond touching.
All the pain locked in his cells just became free.
So he vowed that no cop will go unpunished.
And cast a devastating spell as he walked around nude in public.

At first, it was a joke, people laughed it off.
But on the anniversary of his son’s death, something bizarre happened.
People across the country ran over police at checkpoints.
And they came down to check if their heart stopped.
Then G-Boys gathered together to burn the police station.
Prostitutes gathered together to fuck them up.
Everyone started killing any police they found.
Carting away their weapons, feeling really proud.
Mothers supported their kids, fathers encouraged their kids.
In less than a week, every police were killed.
And years later after things normalized, the cops never forgot the day the streets turned red.

Chuck Norris


  1. Irony ,,,,i swear it Will definitely get to dis ,,,get d message though

    • Hopefully it does not but the message is clear. The people can take back their power if only they can overcome the barrier of fear.

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