Musings of the boy next door

Come Clean

I’m not here to peep the drip.
Not here to impress or redress concerns.
The job is clear – “Get shit done”.
If shit is actually done, you should see it.
Now, onto the next.

What then happens when playing games is more valuable?
The zeal to get shit done dwindles.
The game then becomes the game.
The game is filled with dirt, only the filthy ones are deemed fit to play.

Delay could be both denial and a blessing in disguise.
It’s not everything the eye sees that the mouth says.
Sometimes you just keep mute for days.
Then, they begin to confuse silence for folly.
They forget that the silent man could be a praying mantis.

You can barely afford taxis but your friends stay tearing chassis.
That should call for celebration but enemies want to force an unhealthy competition.
For every move you make, they compare.
They never create, they just complain about every creation.

Those who get shit done play Whot.
The political ones play the victim card and then wonder how to steal your joy.
You checkup and win another round.
But soon, they will be having medical checkups from overthinking about you.
The sound of your victory might leave them deaf.


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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