Musings of the boy next door

Flood-Proof, Bullet-Proof

If the government doesn’t fix it, we won’t even when we can.
Why should I patch up the road? Why would my neighbors reap where they didn’t sow?
Naaaah fam! I would rather raise the floor of my compound.
Soon, I would buy another SUV which can survive this road.

I pay my taxes by the way.
I have got the right not to care about the next man.
If a pot-hole causes an accident, I try to avoid it the next day.
Why should I fill it up? So, you all can enjoy it?

When I see an accident victim, I watch them die.
But first, I make sure I document it.
I take a quick video and send it to Instablog.
If they post it and give me credit, I can gain more followers.

Trust me, I can beat the traffic lights.
Don’t you know I move with Police escorts?
When we are all stuck in traffic, we will intimidate you peasants with sirens.
I don’t even mind if I cause an accident.

Life’s good at this end.
My neighbor is stuck in the kidnappers’ den?
I have got nothing to worry about.
I will just call the Commissioner to send me more Policemen.

Do you think I ignore the poor?
Naaa! I’m just trying not to get contaminated by your poverty.
Don’t you know poverty is contagious?
Please, don’t stain my white.


Photo by Jasper van der Meij on Unsplash

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