The Mirror

A place to be honest. A place to access your inadequacies. A place where you speak the truth to yourself. Nothing worse than lying to yourself. Nothing more terrible than staring into your eyes and lying to you. The mirror presents a perfect opportunity for you to embrace your vulnerabilities and redress the heartbreaks you have brought upon yourself.

An opportunity to remind yourself that family matters most. A reminder that you are better than people make you feel. A shred of evidence that you are a god. Even when the mirror is shattered, the pieces still make sense. Everything comes full circle when you stand naked in front of the mirror. You become grateful for the gift of life. You thank God regardless of your current condition.

Last time you stood there, you became logical for a minute. Water still dripping from your body, you could call a spade a spade. You remembered yourself that a small but tight circle was the best to have. You remembered that life is transient. It dawned on you that NIGERIA is not a country to die for. You figured why you are often misunderstood. But you also promise yourself to do the best.

You wonder if you are good enough anyone. “Am I ever gonna get married?” you wonder. The economy makes you wonder if you can ever afford to raise a family. You fear you might never be able to reciprocate all the love your parents showed you as a kid. Standing in front of the mirror isn’t as easy as people make it seem. You stare at your problem, its stares right back at you, bats its eyelash and hisses.

But can one be really free without facing his problems squarely? No matter how tough things become, won’t one stand a better chance of addressing the difficulties by tackling it head on? The hustle to be free is a real one. So many people put in work and believe but the equation is failing. When expected results are not seen after a long while, people begin to find any sorts of connections and in the weirdest of places too.


Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Horse Thing

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