Atro City

You are scared to death. Yes, you are. You are scared to go home. You are scared to leave home. You are so scared. But why so?

Everywhere stinks and that’s unhealthy. All drainages are blocked but it’s no one’s business. Waste generation is on a per-second basis but sanitary measures are non-existent.

We complain and we grumble before we move on. We move on but not from the problem because we are the problem. When you hear of another flood, you look out of our window and say “Thank God this doesn’t happen in my area o”.

L-O-L is what I say to you because the drum is full and doom is near. There is no magic that will save us until we start doing the needful. There is so much poverty in the midst of so much wealth.

So many educated people who still throw out waste from moving vehicles. So many online philosophers who still dispose of domestic waste indiscriminately. So many governments who don’t just give a hoot once they are done with the oath of office.

So much hype about a mad-house got so many people still trooping in. People still believe once they arrive here, their dreams become valid.

But what dreams really? Dreams of getting stuck at work because ‘area dey flooded’? Or dreams of losing your job because you couldn’t get to work due to bad roads?

When did the rain stop being a blessing? Why do we grumble every time the clouds shuts its curtain and gets darker?

Tinubu didn’t save you, Fashola couldn’t, Ambode failed, Sanwoolu still won’t remedy the situation. No magic wand or scripted policy can change this.

Until we all become more responsible and selfless citizens, Lagos won’t become the megacity we like to lie it is but will remain the atrocity which it really is.


Photo by Ayoola Salako on Unsplash

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